Saturday, 14 July 2007

Logan's 1st Birthday

My friend's little girl turned 1 yesterday...we went to the park and the kids had lots of fun running around, eating and getting their faces painted!

The Birthday Girl!

Sebastian and Portia

Micah, Sebi and Ashton


Alison face painting

The battery ran out on my camera after this!..Annoying! Layne had her face painted as a princess and Jake had a clown. Alison did a great job!
We're off to Queensland for a week - leaving this afternoon. I'm hoping there will be lots of sunshine at Surfer's Paradise so we can do everything we've planned to do!

Nate and Kate's Wedding

Last weekend we went to our friends' wedding...Kate looked stunningly beautiful, as every bride should! Her mum made her dress, it was gorgeous! I didn't get too many photo's as I was busy socialising :) Catching up with lots of friends I hadn't seen for ages.

Nathanael and Kate walking in -

Bridget and Corbin

Teagan and Tabitha

Harper, Isaac and Bec

Tyler, Lorelei and Alicia