Monday, 27 February 2012

Birthday Girls

Layne turned 7 last year and Ava turned 2.
Layne wanted to go Rock Climbing for her birthday...she has always loved a good challenge and she loves rock climbing.

Dad and Uncle Juzz watching the little monkey. The only thing missing was Uncle Glen teasing his Laynie Poo. We miss you Uncle Glen...we'll come to Queensland soon just so you can tease her:)

And she hits the roof!
And since the girls are inseparable....Ava tries her hand at rock climbing too. I know it doesn't look like it but she is definitely going to be an adrenilin junky like her Daddy...
And...then it was Ava's birthday....:)
Have I told you how much she loves her food?....Don't try and pinch any of her food...or she'll let you know exactly what how she feels...
Her birthday cake...

It's been a long time...

Jacob was baptised into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in September 2010.

A very long time! It's only been the last week or two that I have started to think that maybe I should try blogging again!
Many things have happened over the last 2 years. I feel like I haven't done the best job of recording the little moments in our lives, both the painful and the joyful, and as we all know we learn from both. Thankfully photos are constant in our lives and help us capture the more joyous moments again.
Here are some photos for the kids from the more 'joyous' occasions:)

Monday, 9 August 2010

a garage sale...

We had a garage sale last month and the kids wanted to do a lemonade stand and earn their own money...but since it was the middle of winter...I talked them into a hot chocolate stand instead.
L. was certainly not happy about being out of bed...the funny thing is I told her she didn't have to get up...but the thought of her big brother doing it without her made her get out of bed...but with attitude!
She soon got over always.
J. felt he wasn't selling quite as many as he added to his 'hot chocolate 50c' sign....' or 5c' !!!!


Sooooo....the husband's effort in posting was...well...let's focus on the fact that he made an effort shall we? :)

Ok so I've had a few people 'mention' that I haven't put anything on here for agessss.....and yes they are right...and no I still don't fell like blogging...:)
Here are just a few things that have happened since we last blogged:

1. We got 3 chickens...they have no names...unless you call 'hey chicken' a name.
2. The big girl turned 6.
3. The little girl turned 1.
4. The big girl is learning to cross-stitch.
5. The little girl has learnt to crawl.
6. The big girl learn all about applying make-up from You Tube.
7. The little girl has 'apparently' learnt to say 'Daddy'....according to Daddy
8. The big girl has been keeping her room clean for at least 2 weeks now...thank you Aunty Cole
9. The little girl learnt to wave.
10. And this all happened while the big boy (not to be mistaken for the BIG big boy - daddy), was on the computer designing roller-coaster's and water slides....(rollercoaster tycoon)...and has now decided that he will be an architect when he grows up - like his Poppy - but UNLIKE his Poppy he will design (I quote) "FUN things and BETTER things"......poor poppy...your skycrapers are just not good enough...
And now I hope you will forgive me for the photo overload....I couldn't help it....some of them are just so stinkin' cute!
and because i forgot to put the setting on 'none' when I uploaded the photo' have to scroll down...:)
yes she decorated her sister's cake all by herself!

Friday, 23 April 2010

Kids with Heart Disease

We recently took time out to remember our nephew Mosiah Crosbie who passed away a year ago from a congenital heart defect. In his first week of life he underwent 2 major surgeries. Unfortunately our little fighter passed away a few days after his second surgery due complications. In memory of Mosiah, we have been raising funds for the Kid’s heart units at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Click here for information on how to donate or scroll to the next post.

Mosiah’s surgeon, Dr Winlaw, has communicated that Westmead Kid’s heart units are desperately short of funding at the moment. Taking into account that heart disease is the biggest killer of Australian children, this is a worthy cause to support. Every donation, no matter how small can make a big difference.

Congenital heart defects in Kids, touches the lives of many. In addition to Mosiah, there are several people that we personally know who have also been affected. Here their stories:

Ava Crosbie (We can write plenty about her)

Four months after Mosiah passed away, we welcomed Ava Grace Crosbie into the world. In the minutes after she was born, the Doctors and Nurses became concerned because Ava carried some characteristics of Down Syndrome. She was also having some breathing difficulties. A few hours later her paediatrician confirmed the diagnosis of Down Syndrome. He also said that her respiratory problems were mostly likely the result of a congenital heart defect. Ava was transferred to the Grace Unit at the Westmead Children’s hospital. They were able to identify 3 holes in her heart and develop a management plan that allowed her to be moved out of an oxygen crib, remove her feeding tube and eventually come home. Ava continues to be seen by the specialists at the children’s hospital and will eventually need open heart surgery to close the holes in her heart.

(Ava, before and after Oxygen Crib)

Eliza Anderson
Last December, Sally and I Caught up with Lorelei and Hans Anderson. Growing up, I was close friends with Lorelei. Their daughter Eliza has recently undergone open heart surgery at the Westmead Children’s Hospital to close a hole in her heart. Thanks to the expertise of the Surgeons and staff at Westmead, the surgery was a success and Eliza was back at home within a few days. Thanks to recent advances in Kid’s heart surgery, holes in the heart can usually be corrected in a single operation. After which, a child usually regains full heart function, with no complications or requirement for further surgeries.

(Eliza after her Surgery)

Levi McCormack

As a teenager, Levi’s Mum Karina lived two doors from Glen and I. Her brother’s were a regular fixture at the Crosbie home… AKA neighbourhood basketball court. Karina married Ashley McCormack. Their eldest son Levi was born with Hyperplasic Left Heart Syndrome. This is the same heart condition that Mosiah had. Levi is doing well and just started school this year. He has had several successful surgeries over the years. Levi has received a lot of media attention which helps raise awareness of the challenges that these brave little kid’s face. You can follow this link to a recent 60 minutes story on Levi.

Click here to view video

Please scroll down to the next post for information on how you can help.

Fundraising for the Children's Hospital at Westmead

The Kid’s heart units at the children’s hospital are chronically underfunded. Consequently they are very dependent on donations to be able to carry out their life saving work. Hence they need as much help as possible. Any contribution, no matter how small can make a big difference for Kids with heart disease. It only takes a few minutes to donate online. Any donation over $2 is tax deductable (for Australian Residents).

Donations can be made in 3 simple steps:

Step 1:

Go to the Children’s Hospital at Westmead Website:

Step 2:

Go to the donate online section:

Step 3:

* Fill in your details.
* In the “Company Field” enter the words “In Memory of Mosiah”
* In the “Direct my Donation to” section, select “Kids Heart Research”
* When the form is complete, click “Donate”

A receipt will be mailed to the address provided. Keep it somewhere safe, so you can claim a deduction in your next Tax Return.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Dad's turn to Blog

We've been pretty busy the last couple of months and Sally hasn't had a chance to blog. So she's asked me to take over for a little while. I'm a man of few words, so here is my photo update:

Ava is growing big and strong. She's always happy and smiling (except for when daddy is late with feeding time). She's also becoming very social. .... and we can't forget how much she loves getting rasberries blown on her tummy:

Layne started school this year. Her teacher says that she is very attentive in class, listens to instructions and learns very quickly. I think the whole listening thing must be selective, because it just doesn't happen when she's asked to clean her room. hmmmm..

Jacob is now in 2nd grade and is doing very well. The soccer season also started last weekend. I think he is by far the most energetic player on the team. Its great watching the Kids burn themselves out, because it usually means a bit of peace and quiet afterwards :-)

And that's all for now. Stay posted...


Thursday, 3 December 2009

...O little town of Bethlehem...

...hmmm one day I'd like to GO to Bethlehem...
but for now this will have to suffice...imagining what it was like.

Layne playing with the train everything is supposed to be symbolic right??? the train?? um...they had camel trains....

Layne putting decorations on the tree

...she thinks she's one of the "wise men"

Jake...not sure what he's doing does he...

the 'train'

Last year I was busy laying on the couch being sick while they put the Christmas tree up...this year I was busy feeding the girl...then I was really mean and let her cry while I took some pictures...


...our house...

...and the husband has been hard at work putting up all the time consuming outdoor decorations....

(OK so I'll settle for the front door and the gate....and I know my husband & the kids would like a bit of the snow.)

- above photo from PB catalogue -

...a visit...

The husband's parents are visiting at the moment...(they're currently living in the Middle East)...his dad was able to meet Ava.

...and, of course, MaMa brought dress-ups...

....these were taken the afternoon they received them....I absolutely LOVE them...because they make me laugh...

Jake couldn't stop saying...'I come in peace...' (don't ask...I don't know!) and well I just happened to capture this expression on Layne's face!

Layne gave MaMa some pocket money so she would bring more dress-ups next time - she loved them that much!

(there is also a hat and a head piece that goes with Jake's...but he'd ditched it by the time I got around to taking a few photo's)

Saturday, 24 October 2009

3 months has gone by quickly...

...she's 12 weeks old now and doing great...she loves to talk to us... smile at us... and of course be cheeky and poke her tongue out at us :)