Friday, 30 November 2007

Grandpa's house in the Vineyards

The Rainforest

Some more photos from Noosa Heads...and my favourites of Mike and Jake. Layne wasn't feeling well so Catherine sat in the car with her so we could get a few photos.

Our Queensland Holiday

Last month we went on a holiday to Queensland....we stayed on the Gold coast for most of the holiday and went to Whitewater World and Dreamworld...we voted that Whitewater world was the best!!! :)

But the highlight of this trip was being able to travel up to the Sunshine Coast and stay with our friend Catherine. Mike baptised Catherine and her son Dominic on his mission while in Malaysia and now she is living here in Australia!! Her and her husband Neal showed us around Noosa Heads and took us 4wd on the sand and up the sand here are some photos - yes we climbed the highest sand dune we could find and had to pull ourselves up by a tree root at the top...Jake was a trooper and was prepared to follow daddy no matter how hard the terrain...Layne well she stopped a couple of times along the way to let herself emotionally cope with how high she was...and every time I asked her if she wanted to go back down she refused...showing daddy and jake that she could make it to the top was much more important to her!! Then we all had fun sliding down again!!!...Mike was bummed he didn't bring anything with him to go sandboarding...

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

I'm a big photo buff...I love photo's and I love taking them. Every once in a while I'll see a photo that I just love or that reminds me of fond memories...or just simply does something to my friend Krisy has this as her facebook picture at the moment, and it's one of those photo's!!!

Iceblocks in the summer....a necessity!!!

Jake enjoying a summer ice-block with his cousin Claudia

Thursday, 1 November 2007


It's definately an American tradition BUT...our neighbourhood has really started to get into it...not sure how I like the next day though...which I am experiencing right now...HYPO!!! but they had soooo much fun and all the kids looked so cute.

Princess Leia (Layne) & Chinese Fireman Ashton!

princess Layne & beetlebug Piper and Scary monster creature (without his mask) Deakin!

Scary montster creature Deakin and a sick looking anakin!

Going trick or treating....Charlie, Layne, Hyrum, Piper, Deakin, Jake and Alex!

Is anybody home???

Layne, Piper, Jake and Deakin - Fireman Hyrum - scary deakin!

In Mummy and Daddys Shoes