Thursday, 1 November 2007


It's definately an American tradition BUT...our neighbourhood has really started to get into it...not sure how I like the next day though...which I am experiencing right now...HYPO!!! but they had soooo much fun and all the kids looked so cute.

Princess Leia (Layne) & Chinese Fireman Ashton!

princess Layne & beetlebug Piper and Scary monster creature (without his mask) Deakin!

Scary montster creature Deakin and a sick looking anakin!

Going trick or treating....Charlie, Layne, Hyrum, Piper, Deakin, Jake and Alex!

Is anybody home???

Layne, Piper, Jake and Deakin - Fireman Hyrum - scary deakin!


Elizabeth said...

What my kid would give for a WARM Halloween. :) That looks like tons of fun Sals. Too cute and scary of course (for those who want to be scary!!!)

meagan said...

I love all the costumes- what fun! I guess I'm naive, but I didn't realize Halloween was 'american.' Glad you get to get in on the candy... and the aftermath!

Melly Mel said...

How fun that you guys celebrated Halloween! Too cute! You did a great job! The pictures look amazing. You are so great with the camera Sally! I think it's so great that you guys got in the tradition. It's fun huh?

Sarah said...

I love the pictures Sally! The boys had so much fun.