Monday, 22 October 2007

A mouth of...not so much metal

So - not sure if you can really see from the photos...but I am now officially a metal mouth...although since I got clear brackets it's really only a wire of metal!...and for those that haven't seen my hair dark...since there seems to be alot of you claiming this lately...this will suffice for you too...there that should make a few of you my discomfort I might add!! (since I'm much more comfortable BEHIND the camera!)

3 going on 13!!

Ok so I didn't get to post this the other day when I posted the rest of the 'fun in the sun' pictures...I've been busy...but I had to post this picture and tell you what happened AFTER I turned off the sprinkler...I walked out to find my 3 year old...LAYNE...(may I emphasis the 3 years old part) like this:

I asked her what she thought she was doing...and she said (as if I was dumb...) 'I'm sunbaking Mum!'....I THINK NOT!!
She has obviously been taking in a little more than just the surf and sand at the beach!!!!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

For all those that read this blog!!! :)

ok everybody...I've decided to go if you enjoy reading this blog and keeping updated with our family....please send me your email so that I can give you access...I don't mind if you are a friend of a friend etc...just email me at - will most likely privatise in the next week or so....

Good old fashion fun in the SUN!

The weather has been perfect beach weather the last few days but with an assignment due and exams looming I decided this week I needed to stay close to home and get some work this is what we did yesterday for a bit of fun - I know, I know I was completely naughty because we have water restrictions...but I promise it was only 5mins...maybe 10... :)!

Mohawk to the extreme!

I'd like to know just how much shampoo Mike put in Layne's hair to get it to actually stay up like this!!!

Monday, 15 October 2007

Fringes are 'in' MUM!!!

Soooo... about 3 weeks ago now Layne decided to let mum in on a little secret....she's just not cool enough...apparently Layne has already succumbed to that little thing called 'Peer Pressure'...and having a mum as 'uncool' as hers she knew she had to take matters into her own hands! She gaves herself a FRINGE!!! (fringe = bangs). Apparently it's the latest thing...and Aunty Ember absolutely loves it so mum doesn't stand a chance of little Layne listening to her opinion now anyway!....(note from mum:...was NOT impressed....although I admit she did do a pretty good job of it...although it has a tendency to look like a slight mullet since her fringe is coming from halfway back her head! Mum still prefers the no fringe though!)