Monday, 15 October 2007

Fringes are 'in' MUM!!!

Soooo... about 3 weeks ago now Layne decided to let mum in on a little secret....she's just not cool enough...apparently Layne has already succumbed to that little thing called 'Peer Pressure'...and having a mum as 'uncool' as hers she knew she had to take matters into her own hands! She gaves herself a FRINGE!!! (fringe = bangs). Apparently it's the latest thing...and Aunty Ember absolutely loves it so mum doesn't stand a chance of little Layne listening to her opinion now anyway!....(note from mum:...was NOT impressed....although I admit she did do a pretty good job of it...although it has a tendency to look like a slight mullet since her fringe is coming from halfway back her head! Mum still prefers the no fringe though!)

1 comment:

meagan said...

Good news is, when you are as cute as Layne you look great with or without bangs. I am impressed that she is such an independant girl and 'took matters into her own hands':)