Monday, 9 August 2010


Sooooo....the husband's effort in posting was...well...let's focus on the fact that he made an effort shall we? :)

Ok so I've had a few people 'mention' that I haven't put anything on here for agessss.....and yes they are right...and no I still don't fell like blogging...:)
Here are just a few things that have happened since we last blogged:

1. We got 3 chickens...they have no names...unless you call 'hey chicken' a name.
2. The big girl turned 6.
3. The little girl turned 1.
4. The big girl is learning to cross-stitch.
5. The little girl has learnt to crawl.
6. The big girl learn all about applying make-up from You Tube.
7. The little girl has 'apparently' learnt to say 'Daddy'....according to Daddy
8. The big girl has been keeping her room clean for at least 2 weeks now...thank you Aunty Cole
9. The little girl learnt to wave.
10. And this all happened while the big boy (not to be mistaken for the BIG big boy - daddy), was on the computer designing roller-coaster's and water slides....(rollercoaster tycoon)...and has now decided that he will be an architect when he grows up - like his Poppy - but UNLIKE his Poppy he will design (I quote) "FUN things and BETTER things"......poor poppy...your skycrapers are just not good enough...
And now I hope you will forgive me for the photo overload....I couldn't help it....some of them are just so stinkin' cute!
and because i forgot to put the setting on 'none' when I uploaded the photo' have to scroll down...:)
yes she decorated her sister's cake all by herself!


-kim said...

sally, your family is so beautiful and so are your pictures!! we miss you and hope all is well...
any new trips planned?
post more pictures!
love you...

Design Sketchers said...

AWWWW Ava is SOOOOO bloomin cute !!! We miss you guys! and um HELLO but have you forgoteen you have MSN or a PHONE !!??

The table looked great! I love Ava's smile in the pic on the table lol

Rylie keeps asking if we can see you guys next school holodays ... aparently all we have to do is leave when its dark and we will be there soon lol


Jacobson Five said...

She is so stinkin cute. I certainly don't mind seeing all your pictures. I am glad you blogged again. Keep it up!!!!

Sara said...

These pics are incredible. And your little girl is so freaking adorable - I love her expressions! And I love hos her sister decorated the cake...I wonder if I should let the boys try that when Sophia turns one?!
Hope to meet them all one day!

The Girl said...

YAY! You're alive! Looks like you've been having a fabulous time. Ava is gorgeous and your photos are just wonderful. xx

Felicity said...

there's an update - yay :) and you're right the photos are SO stinkin cute....every one of them!! I CAN'T believe she's one already!

JMay said...

She is a doll & looks so happy :-) LOVE!

Unknown said...

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