Monday, 14 July 2008

Something different...

Ok so my friend Kym has tagged here goes....

10 Years Ago...I was serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was companions with 'Kiahna' - I remember at that time thinking that it was a difficult companionship (I say 'difficult' companionship - but it was more likely that it was what I was dealing with that was difficult and not the actual companionship)...yet knowing that if circumstances were different we'd probably have gotten along great (and even as I say that I still remember us laughing alot???)...I was 3 mths off going home and was having a melt down of gigantic proportions and most likely taking it all out on her!...I'm sure she thought I was a freak - now 10yrs later (- she adamantly declares that 'freak' never entered her head (but I don't believe her! :) Kiahna moved to Australia last year with her work...either I'm not a freak anymore or she's adjusted...because we get along great and now that she has gone back home I miss hearing her and my husband debate about U.S politics...!
5 Years Ago... My in-laws moved to Hong Kong and they asked us to move into their house...'supposedly' so that Mike's brothers would have somewhere/someone to live with...since they were staying behind. But secretly I'm guessing it had more to do with protecting the HOUSE from the wild YA-ADHD parties that Glen(da) would surely try to have and Justin(e) would surely 'pretend' to have nothing to do with. I believe the experience was one of those 'unforgettable' experiences for matter how much they'd like to forget it...they learnt about babies crying in the middle of the night, they learnt that 2 yrs olds don't always do their business in their nappy...sometimes it's all over the carpet and walls. They learnt that a pregnant woman can cry at anything...and will...they learnt that pregnant women can go into labour in the middle of the night and no its not funny to stand there and laugh at her when she's on all fours having a contraction and YES a woman in labour WILL certainly disturb you if you're up at 3am studying for an exam the next day!
5 Months Ago... I turned 32...I got a new camera...I was busy throwing out stuff and getting our house organised for a move overseas...was researching international schools in Singapore and looking at housing etc...Jake started Kindergarten...oh and the kids & I were going swimming nearly every day after school because it was HOT!!!!...
5 Things on my List of Things to do tomorrow...
1. Process some photos for a client
2. Take Layne to Pre-school
3. Take Jake to swimming lessons
4. Go bike riding with Jake's school friends
5. Do some laundry
5 Bad Habits... do you really want to know these???
1. Talking excessively
2. Interrupting people
3. Forgetting to ask my husband how his day was
4. Making dinner only 4 nights a week instead of the required 7 days a week
5. I hate dishes....(is that a bad habit??? or more of an attitude problem?)
5 Places I've lived...
1. Camden, NSW, Australia
2. Cessnock, NSW, Australia
3. Newcastle, NSW, Australia
4. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
5. Sydney, NSW, Australia
5 Things People May not know about me...since I talk excessively...there probably isn't anything...but I'll try.
1. I HATE public speaking (or standing up in front of a crowd etc)...I know I can do it, I just don't like to...still have no idea how I got through my mission!
2. I played for my school soccer & hockey teams
3. I was school captain at my high school
4. I used to ride horses - dressage, barrel racing, jumping and do endurance rides but refused to enter any competitions - see no. 1 (please note: soccer & hockey are TEAM sports therefore the attention was not soley on me...therefore entering competition was ok....Horse riding events...were SOLE events therefore entering competitions was NOT ok!)
5. I've never broken any bones
5 People I tag....
1. Nichole
2. Sarah
3. Ashlee
4. Melissa
5. Kristy
(all family this time...sorry guys :)


Aaron said...

Haha! I can't believe you and Khiana didn't get along well. That is surprising to me. I thought you two were the best of buds.

Sals said...

yeah I know - it's weird...we did get we had heaps of laughs and I remember some great times but for some reason I also remember it as 'difficult' - but that most likely had more to do with what I was dealing with at the time than our actual companionship :) I might have to go back and explain that one better...

Analiese said...

You know, i never knew you had a melt down - i had one as well. I was so seriously going to walk out of south gate or get on one of those tour buses at west gate and never return and that was like 2 months before i finished. so funny. i had a difficult companionship in SF and i feel really bad about it - wasn't so much her it just me having a spaz attack and now i feel bad. oh well, she still talks to me on facebook so i guess its all good!

Kym said...

thanks for humoring me, perry! I loved learning new things. it was great!!

mommy24 said...

Sally! I was your roomate during this time. Oh yeah, I remember...Do you remember the snake that kept popping up everywhere, then finally, the toilet? I'm glad you found my blog. Yours is awsome. You and your family are looking so pretty!

NicholegCrosbie said...

Damn you i hate doing these things...but i did enjoy reading yours, i did plan to not finish reading as Jared is screaming but wish i hadn't now!
Anyway i will do this but screw the tagging business!!!!!

Sarah said...

Hey Sal, I did this one a few months back, does that count?