Monday, 5 October 2009

Clickinmoms and a picture of Paris

I've been learning so much about photography and photoshop at Clickinmoms. It's great being able to go to a forum and finding the answer to a question that you've had for ages...and no matter how much you search on google you just can't seem to find an explanation that you can understand :) .
I have had a simple question about colour management and calibration for a while now and there are so many arguments for and against what my particular questionwas, that I was getting exasperated...FINALLY I just decided to go to the forums in clickinmoms and see what they all had to say about it...found out that my question has a very simple answer and I now I can breath a sigh of relief! If any of you photography fans wanna join go on over to my sidebar and click on the clicknmoms logo.

Oh and for those of you that are interested, start checking my eden lane photography blog for freebies I find on the web. The freebies will be anything from photoshop stuff (brushes and actions), cards and templates, and anything FREE!

At a later date I will also start posting tutorials on there show you how to do simple things in photoshop. But first FREEBIES!

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