Tuesday, 29 January 2008

I love Public Holidays...

It was Australia day this past weekend...I love having public holidays because that means that M. has the day off and we can go do something together...and even though there was a pile of dirt and pebbles in the driveway needing to be wheelbarrowed into the backyard...we left it and set off for the mountains...ahhhhh space....fresh air....!

I loved these pictures I took on our little trip....

But sometimes I just can't decide how I like it best....lighter or darker....?

I figure the longer I sit here trying to decide how I like them best....the longer I avoid having to do the MOUNTAIN of folding that has transformed our guest room into...well lets just say there is no longer room for any guests....so for anyone that was thinking of visiting...you might just find yourself on the floor!

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