Sunday, 3 February 2008

School Time...!

It's school time....for my boy! He's been so excited...we were counting down the days - just like we do for Christmas - little does he know that when the excitement is over it certainly ain't gonna be Christmas!...and he has at LEAST the next 13yrs to go!

For those who are NOT aware...we wear uniforms to school down please go easy on the fella...don't knock the uniform...really...I figure it will keep him humble and he'll now cherish those Target clothes soooo much more!
So he was up and dressed (it's sad I know but he actually LIKES the uniform) and ready for at least 2 hours before he had to for me I thought I would be that's not to say I wasn't sad...I was sad that this era has passed for J. and I but I was also very excited for him to answer everybody's question...NO THERE WERE NO TEARS ..from anyone...before, during or after dropping him off at school.

Although after looking back through the photos...I decided that maybe J. was holding it all inside and handling his emotions in a different constantly feeling the need to poke his tongue out at everybody...oh and just look at the way L. is handling the whole situation...she's soooo cool and laid back about the whole thing...nothing can phase her....YEAH RIGHT!

She'll miss annoying her big brother during the day...I will (for obvious reasons) be missing her having her big brother around during the day too...although I'm sure they will make up for lost time all in the 3 hours after school and before dinner...I plan to hole myself up in my sound proof cell during this time.

As I was looking through these photos I couldn't help but laugh...his expression made me think of how I feel when I have to do any kind of public speaking....SICK!!! like I want to run from the room and never have to talk to anyone again...I'm very well aware I have the ABILITY to do it...I just don't LIKE to do it!...I'm the kinda girl who likes the backrow in a I can escape quickly and no one notice me...!
...And this one.....

He was trying to be sooo brave...we were about to get in the car...and when I said it was time to go he got this look on his face and didnt' talk much after that...sooo like his mother! Feel physically sick before the 'dreaded event' but once you're there....absolutely fine! He walked into his classroom and ran off to play with some other boys...and forgot to say goodbye...and I didn't push for one either....because I was more afraid that this look.....would have resulted in TEARS for both of us if I had!
(note: and whats with a white shirt for a SPORTS uniform...what the?)


Mel Brown said...

ahhhh, first day of school - brings back memories.

I hear ya about the white sports uniform - impossible to get grass and mud stains out of!!! A man must have come up with that idea!

Aaron said...

I am surprised you didn't sob. We all cried last year when malia started and again this year. It seems like we are all a bunch of babies when it comes to letting go.

Sarah Tilley said...

haa! the hat is priceless. holy crap sal, i have a photo of you with the same exact expression. :)