Sunday, 3 February 2008

My Baby Brother....

My baby brother is allllll grown up! Apart from the fact that he is above 20 now and I'm still calling him my baby brother...could be slightly embarrassing to him...but like I ever cared about embarrassing him since he did a pretty good job of that walking around with his jeans halfway down his butt and boxer shorts hanging out and a myriad of what looked like dog chains strung from belt loop to belt loop...or the long hair that always had some funky colours in it and never seemed like it was washed...or attempting to streak through the house naked, thinking somehow no one would notice...oh and there was the time that I caught him totally making out with his was embarrassing enough for us all that she is now an ex! (or maybe it was the car that was so 'cool' that it was bound to wake her parents up at at 2am when he would drop her home???)....well he's all grown up now (or at least looks it!) and instead of the funky colours in his hair...he now prefers no hair and the funky colours painted all over his face! He has joined the Army...(personally I think he could have just gone paintballing or something) I wasn't able to go to his graduation this past week with J. starting school and all - hoping to see him before he leaves for his new posting for the next 18mths...cross my fingers!

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