Monday, 11 February 2008

How mean am I?

I love the drive up to my dad's place in the Hunter Valley. The F3 is just so boring that we always go over Mangrove Mountain...the drive is soo much nicer. We've been having a lot of storms of late and the kids have been getting increasingly scared of them...especially my little what do I do??? There is a huge thunderstorm literally about to break upon us on our drive up and I see a great photo opportunity...I drag the kids out of the car and start snapping away...check out the expression her face!!!...that was just after a nice big clap of thunder!

J. is slightly concerned about it as well and keeps checking behind him!

She's now begging to get back in the car!

He thinks its funny.

and is enjoying it.

Grass can be lots of fun...

see, you can stick it in people's ears...

and it tickles...

There are sooo many places along the way that I have been wanting to stop and take photo's for so since it was my birthday I pretty much made us stop every 5mins!...this is an old car that I ADORE..and drive past every time wishing I could take pictures of my kids with it...since it was literally about to start pouring with rain, thunder and lightening...and I had already tortured them once...I settled for a quick roadside shot...maybe next time!

Then after we got to grandpa's house and the storm was gone we went out to feed grandpa's cow...whom we affectionately call....'cow'.

They love 'cow'...little do they know that Grandpa loves the kids feeding 'cow' so that he gets nice and FAT...once he gets nice and FAT...I'll then have Grandpa explain why & how 'cow' came to be in his freezer!


prepchuks said...

beautiful pictures, Sally... seriously... want to take some of my family??? :)

Sarah Tilley said...

we had a cow once, too. named rosebud. we raised it from a two or three day old calf and she loved to frolic with the dogs and goats, kicking her feet up and bellowing happily. she tasted great! a happy cow makes a delicious one, i guess. :)

Sarah said...

Poor Layne! Hyrum's getting scared of thunder storms now too. It was so worth it though, the photos are spectacular, she'll appreciate it when she's older:)