Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Me...DANCING??? What the....?

So a friend of ours...every time I see him, he looks at me he can't stop laughing and shaking his head....he seriously thought this was me!!!

His wife and I were watching it today having a bit of a laugh...the ONLY people that I ever dance is in front of is my kids...because they love me regardless of how retarded I might look doing it...and A. if you're reading this...the only way you will ever witness this is if SINGSTAR becomes DANCESTAR AND THERE IS ALOT OF MONEY INVOLVED!!!


NOBODY said...

Yeah, it totally looks like you. She's amazing. And they say white girls can't dance... :)

Sarah said...

Come on Sal, we know its really you! Kindof reminds me of that dancing video you had with Mike's head attaced to some funky groover!

Sarah Tilley said...

i only dance in front of henry if i'm feeling especially psychotic. i can't dance at all-- i'm like elaine off seinfeld except worse because it's not even funny, it's sad.