Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Anybody home?...

I love it when I'm driving along and I see something fabulous like family doesn't though because it usually means if the camera isn't in the car we have to go home and get it..and of course it's just alot of waiting around...actually I lie...they don't least I don't think they do...the only thing my little girl seemed to be annoyed at was that I wasn't standing where she told me I needed to...hmmm...who's the one with the camera here???

Anyway I just loved this letterbox...saw it this morning and just had to go and get my camera to take a picture...but you see it was such a long way to go back to the house and then drive all the way back to the letterbox...I was ALMOST convinced not to bother...I mean it is all the way at the other end of our street...bit of an effort really.

What actually cracked me up was that I have driven past this letterbox how many times??? AT LEAST twice a day since I drop off & pick my son up from school....glanced at it and all but I never gave it a second thought...but for some unkown this letterbox just looked fabulous. There is one thing I'm wondering about though...why would someone have a letterbox on an empty block of land??? hmmmm

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