Thursday, 27 March 2008

Harmony Easter time...

Has anybody heard of Harmony day??? Well I hadn't until this year...apparently the 21st March is Harmony day and the colour is orange...harmony day is supposed to be about friendship and forgiveness...which I thought was really great for the kids especially with Easter being earlier than usual this year...since the 21st of March was Good Friday this year J's school celebrated Easter and Harmony Day on Thursday before school let out. As part of this celebration they had to work in teams and complete a project..the teams consisted of all ages/grades at the school and then the teams had to get up and present them in assembly and talk about the friendships they made and what inspired them to do the project they was a great start to easter...although I admit...I was a little swamped with the fact that we had New Beginnings night for YW's on Thursday and I was still trying to complete everything for that the night before when I realised I hadn't made J's hat for the parade yet!! we combined a bit of easter and a bit of harmony day and made orange chicken hat!

f1.8, 1/2000, ISO 320, 50mm ............................................... f5.6, 1/13, ISO320, 50mm

He was soooooooo excited!

f5.6, 1/60, ISO 320, 50-200mm

...and yes just in case you're wondering...they ARE false eyelashes...the funniest part....with me being completely swamped with things to do I asked my brother-in-law, G. to go and buy them for me...AND HE DID!!!
(thanks Glenda!)


Sarah Tilley said...

that's freakin' hilarious. a chicken for harmony day (never heard of harmony day, by the way). i guess the chicken is a good mascot, since they have to forgive you for eating them and their eggs for easter. :)

a said...

That is the COOLEST chicken hat I have ever seen, not that I see many chicken hats, but very cool! I'd wear it!

Jen said...

Love it all. Harmony day and the chicken hat.

NicholegCrosbie said...

Only Jake could pull of a hat like that! Meanwhile Layne and i had a ball elsewhere...I always knew there was something "special" about Glen, i know a lot of people have said that his whole life but i think you hit it on the head why he really is "Special" (with a lisp).