Thursday, 13 March 2008


This is the latest obsession in our household...and no I'm not talking about our son...he LOVES Thomas but I wouldn't really say he is obsessed with husband on the other hand is definitely obsesssed.
We have a date morning every week (since he works afternoon shifts) and guess what we did for our date this past week?...we went to at least 3 different toy stores to find the exact parts that he wanted for J.'s Thomas set! ...he wasn't happy with the choice so he has been bidding on parts on ebay for the last week or so...and me? well I just thought he had been working hard because usually when he's sitting down in the study in front of his laptop..that's what he's doing...but this week...well he has been working hard...working hard on finding all the parts for his Thomas - state of the art technology - railway system!

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