Friday, 3 August 2007


So cooking dinner has always been trying for me...I love to cook -WHEN I FEEL LIKE IT - which usually isn't when I need to! I'm usually tired and just want to put something together really quickly. I was never really taught how to cook - growing up with my grandparents, my grandma, being older, was always worried about us getting burnt or cutting ourselves with knives so she didn't feel comfortable having us in the kitchen over the years I have had to observe from those that I have lived with or my mother-in-law, family and especially friends. My sisters and I are always exchanging recipes and eager to learn from the other day when my friends Laura and Jerusha came over for lunch the topic turned to cooking and finding recipes that were quick and easy and relatively healthy. Laura gave me some hints on things that can be thrown together and I must say that I have enjoyed cooking lately and being able to get herbs from my herb garden...kinda makes me feel like I might actually find a new perspective on 'teatime' - instead of being a drag it could actually turn out to be fun! So I got an email from Jerusha the other day and she sent through a recipe that I just had to share....I found it delicious and am definately craving more! So here it is

Vegie Bake
Peel (if necessary) and thinly slice the following vegies...and layer in a baking dish
(drizzle the baking dish first with a bit of oil)

Sweet Potato
Capsicum (peppers)

or any other vegies that you prefer.
Before you add the pumpkin to the top of the dish get the pumpkin slices and spread on the bottom side of it some CHUNKY BASIL with cashews and parmesan DIP....not sure if you can get that exact one in an american supermarket for those of you over there but you can use any chunky dip that you like...this is one of my favourites - then place the pumpkin so it is face down in the dish. Cook in a moderate over (about 180c - I think this is 350f can't be sure) and cook for about an hour. The dip flavour will filter through all the vegies and they all grill really well together. If you like cheese you can on top for the last 10 mins of cooking time.

Thanks for that Jerusha!!!

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