Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Just for Laura

Let me introduce you to my friend LAURA!

So yesterday at the park...a whole bunch of us get together for a 'sort of' playgroup at a local friend Laura and her little girl, Zara, were sitting on their picnic rug...just enjoying the company of everyone...when Laura realised that I was taking photo's of her...she commented 'you better not put them on your blogspot!' So this is what I do to friends I REALLY love :)
Yesterday we had two (hopeful) new additions to our group and no they didn't come in the form of new babies!...although Amanda will be helping us with this one in the next month! - Jerusha (Laura's sister) joined us yesterday...and my sister-in-law, Sarah...(maybe we can get Nichole coming along too, Sarah, now that she has finished work) Congrats to Jerusha who is expecting her second!

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