Thursday, 9 August 2007

Happy Birthday CLAUDIA!!!

Today my neice Claudia turned 5!!!

Claudia and Jake are only 1 month sister Alison and I really enjoyed being pregnant at the same time...we found we would get simliar cravings and we were both into cooking and trying out new recipes...the beauty of having your first (me) and only having one child (Al)!! I remember Al being in Sydney at our place for a couple of days, our husbands both at work - we got major cravings for a nice big juicy we took ourselves off to The Lone Star steakhouse for lunch along with her daughter Anastasia - we came back feeling like we were going to burst we were sooo full! Didn't want to even think about dinner let alone have to cook it for the boys. But it was one of those days that I've always remembered as it almost felt like we lived around the corner from each other and were hanging out for lunch...a beauty we've never had since being married!!! My sister's have always lived at least 2 hours away! :(

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meagan said...

Great pictures- it's so fun to read your posts. I'll email you soon. Cheers.