Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Our Holiday in the Sunshine!

Ok peoples, we've been back from our holiday on the Gold Coast (Queensland) for a week and a half and I'm having holiday withdrawal symptoms! Trying to get stuck into my uni work for this semester has been a drag! But I will persist!
Our holiday was pretty much what a holiday should be - we had lots of fun, got to hang out with friends and family and Mike and I even managed to go on a date - just the two of us!! The nights were chilly but all in all Surfers Paradise offered us what it's well known for...SUNSHINE! :) and the beach.
We also made our way up to the Sunshine Coast (north of Brisbane) to see Mike's Aunty and Uncle, which was fun in itself...on the way we got sidetracked and decided at the last minute - instead of going to the beach we would go to Australia Zoo (Steve Irwin's Zoo)...the kids really loved it. Bindi and Terry Irwin were doing some filming out the front so the we got to watch that for a little too. When we got to the kangaroos, the kids were running around and petting the kangaroos...we found one that really loved Layne. Layne pretty much could have done anything to it and it still would have sat there. It was kinda funny though because it didn't really like Jake - he kept going to pet it and it would tap him away with it's front paw...which Jake thought was hilarious and wanted to make a game of it.
We also went to SEAWORLD - I love Seaworlds...because I grew up wanting to be a marine biologist - or something so that I could work with dolphins...obviously we know that dream didnt' come to fruition! :) But I always enjoy seeing the seals and dolphins. The kids loved it too. We got to see baby dolpins...and we went on some pretty cool rides. We all went on the log canoe ride....I was a little concerned about the kids as the last part is straight down the hill with water at the bottom - the hill gives the same effect as a roller coaster really...catch you breath and lose your stomach! The kids said they loved it so Daddy wanted to take us on the next one...the bigger one...the boat volcano ride thing. But as we were standing in line I started to study Laynes face to see if she really was 'loving' it or whether she was just feeling the 'peer' pressure and going along with everyone else...I decided to sit it out with her and as we came away from the ride she sighed and said....'A bit scary mummy'!. So we sat out and watched for Mike and Jake to come down the ride...Jake absolutely loved it...he's a ride freak like his dad!
Jake had a bit of a break down at lunch time at Seaworld...he was eating his vegemite sandwhich and a big bird with a really long beak came and snatched it off him...he was devastated....he cried and we told him that we could buy some hot chips for him but he wanted a vegemite sandwhich...which obviously was a problem since they were only really selling hot food - he didnt' stop until we had taken him into all the food stalls and showed him that they didn't have a vegemite sandwhich!

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Kim said...

Looks like you had so much fun! I miss Australia. I wish I could come visit. I love your dark hair.