Friday, 1 June 2007

Stressed??? Who me???

This year just seems to get busier and busier...admittedly I did take on Uni this year and that takes a little...sorry ALOT more organising. It seems that the weeks and days are not long enough to do everything there is to do. I have a truck load of uni work to do and exams to prepare for this month...sharing time to organise for Sunday, talks to prepare, speech pathology appointments for Jake to attend, and after a full day taking the kids on a train into the city to have lunch at Darling Harbour...I get home and find myself painting walls in the house??

Although there has been alot of stress, we have had alot of fun in the last two weeks with lots of friends staying and taking my missionary companions sightseeing while they are here in Sydney. My sister and her kids also came down from Newcastle last week and we took the kids to a chocolate factory in the Blue Mountains and had the most delicious hot chocolates. Then we took the kids to a petting farm and they got to go horseriding. The way home was filled with giggles and laughs from Anastasia and Beki in the back (which also involved a nose bleed) and the little ones....Layne, Claudia and Jake all falling asleep!