Sunday, 10 June 2007

Anyone for a swim?

So by now you've probably heard about all the wild weather that we've been having here. Sydney in my opinion has faired rather well compared to the Newcastle and the Hunter Region, where my family lives. It's a all a bit surreal really since I was in Newcastle on Wednesday night picking up my sister from her classes...walked down this street:

to go get something to eat while waiting for Ember and here is a picture of what it looked like 24hrs later!

I am lucky I travelled back to Sydney on Thursday, although it was heavy rain and starting to get bad...I left at 9am, driving carefully in the heavy rain and finally got back by 12pm...which meant that I missed the worst of it. Thursday evening and Friday were horrible...the wind was bad.
If you saw my last post you will have read that we went to Bondi and Bronte beach last week as well as is what it's looking like now:

Bondi on the left and Bronte on the right! Lovely! (if you don't know by now that is my favourite word to say sarcastically!)
I'll do a slide show of the rest of the pictures that my sister, Alison, has sent to me. Her daughter's school has been flooded out...Anastasia is most upset she can't go to school...NOT!
Alison was most excited at 4am this morning waking up in hopes of their little house on a hill becoming her very own tropical island...but she was sadly disappointed....there were at least 20 other houses she has to share her island with!
My youngest sister, Melany, is supposed to be flying back to Melbourne tonight, if she can actually get to the airport...she timed her visit just right to get a quick preview of all the new tourist sites in the Hunter and Newcastle regions: collapsed bridges, people being evacuated, tankers running ashore...need I go on.

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