Friday, 29 June 2007

Obsessive Fixations

From the time Jacob was 2...he's displayed obsessive qualities, like wanting to watch the same wiggles show over and over and over again...then it was Pooh Bear over and over and over again...his latest.....STAR WARS...with of course no help from his dad who has every star wars episode. So it was quite hard to monitor the watching of it since 'Dad' thought ALL the star wars movies were appropriate for a 4 year old...whereas 'Mum' had to disagree. Star Wars 3 was way too dark and there was no way I was going to let him watch it....there were times I caught 'Dad and son' being a bit naughty and trying to sneak Mum had to do what she always does with the 'children' and hide it somewhere real good and threaten to throw it in the bin!!! Now I'm threatening to throw the Xbox in the bin...well....I'm talking about obsessiveness here so maybe I should say that I'm threatening to throw ALL 3 of the the xbox's in the bin! (yeah dad displays some of the same obsessive qualities)...we now have Star Wars Lego I & II - I think I'm about to go CRAZY!!!...although Jake does mix it up a bit, sometimes he'll play with his blocks and make STAR WARS space ships...then he might get the game 'chinese checkers' out and make STAR WARS space ship with the pegs...or he'll do some colouring and draw a....STAR WARS spaceship. As I was laying in bed on Wednesday recovering from being sick and trying to study for my exam on Thursday...I heard some funny conversations going on between Jake and Layne in their room...the funniest started out like this:
'Excuse me, Layne, I am Jedi Jacob and you are Princess Lay, lets go we need to get in the STAR WARS space ship'
Which brings me to another obsession they have....'EXCUSE ME'!!!! Yes, many people in passing say...'oh what wonderful manners they have'....yeah...uhuh....I taught them that thinking of the whole 'manners' thing in the first place....but completely forgetting about their obsessive qualities. Try having two kids saying 'excuse me' 500 times a day before every single sentence they start purely for the sake of saying it. I'm not so sure I'd really use the word 'wonderful'!!!!

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