Friday, 29 June 2007

The world of a child

So I dyed my hair dark brown...I actually did it after just thinking about it for 18mths. Don't necessarily think that I will keep it this colour but I definitely think I will try a few different colours before I just go al natural again....and no: looking in the mirror at myself was not the most hilarious part of me getting my hair was the reaction of Jake and Layne that couldn't stop Mike and I laughing....Mike picked me up from the hairdressers...and was walking toward me with the kids...Jake recognised me straight away and started laughing, running toward me and jumping up and down, holding himself, as he does...pointing at me and looking back at Daddy saying: 'haaa, look what mummy did daddy, heeee' - but what I noticed was that he was not so much laughing at me because he thought I looked funny but laughing at me that funny excited way he gets when he thinks something really naughty is going on and so wants to be a part of it. And then there was Layne. After looking at me with a 'NOT VERY IMPRESSED' look - when I actually got to her and said hello, she looked at me really weirdly and said: 'Mummy you take it off' when I told her I couldn't she then decided to go to the other extreme and cried in the car because she wanted to go back to the hairdressers and paint her hair pink!!!!!

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meagan said...

How cute that Layne wanted pink hair. I think you look great with dark hair- it's always fun to have a change. You look great blonde too though.