Friday, 22 June 2007

Prison Break

Mike went to work in a rush today because he was late...and locked the door after he left, which in itself I have always been 100% grateful that he has taken that little habit on, as Jake from the age of 18mths has enjoyed the art of escaping out any door he can open. The problem with today was that he accidently took both my keys and his keys to work with I was literally a prisoner in my own home today. He doesn't get home till 9pm tonight so all plans I had to venture out of the house were promptly cancelled. I then kindly phoned my husband and told him that I thought the measures he had undertaken were unneccessary and extreme, and if he didn't want me to spend any money, all he had to do was ask...he had a good hearty laugh over that one...although I'm now considering that it may not have been a good thing to actually let him entertain the idea!! I eventually found one window unlocked in the lounge area, a package came and was left on the front I pushed the screen out and got Jake to climb through and run around to the front door and get me the package...he thought it was a great plan and was thoroughly excited to be part of a prison break...although, once again upon reflection, maybe I should have waited for that package since I have now just shown Jake a way to escape from the house at will.

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meagan said...

That is really funny. There have been days when, although I have a key so I don't have to 'excape', I feel like a prisoner too~ between naps, feeding, diapers, etc. it can be a challenge to "escape." At least Jacob enjoyed the package part:) Cheers!