Friday, 29 June 2007

Hanging out at Darling Harbour

One of my best friends, Hope and her family came down from Queensland this week, so Shane could do some work here in Sydney...we all went to Darling Harbour in the city to hang out and do some shopping. The kids were soooooo excited to see each other again...Layne LOVES her 'big sister' Aleigha and Jake thought it was pretty cool seeing his best little mate...I never realised what great shoppers my kids were. I found THE most appropriate shirt for Jake - it says 'I tried to be good' - I just couldn't deny him that one. Anyway as we were wondering around the shop, Mike walked up to me and said so are you going to buy all those clothes on the counter? I looked at him a little bewildered and said 'They're not mine I haven't put anything on the counter yet....then we both looked over and here was Jacob picking what he wanted off the racks and taking it to the counter and telling the girl that 'mum wants to get that'....then I glance over at the other side of the store at Layne and she has another young girl that works there...getting a dress down from a higher rack because the other one that she had was 'too small' she needed a big one because she was a 'big girl' and as usual with Layne....NO ONE dares say NO - it wouldn't be pretty! This all gave Mike, Shane, Hope and I a pretty decent laugh watching them!

And this is what Jake was busy doing during most of those shots:

Best Mates:

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